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Welcome to Singapore; a global business hub where East meets West, and home to Comaea International Headquarters. As the world’s leading provider of Competency Management Solutions, Comaea brings the best in competency-based applications and products, all proven at an international scale. While based in Singapore, our reach is truly international, with offices in North America, UK and the Middle East. Leveraging our worldwide expertise, we offer the latest in competency applications, technology and methodology.

Information Technology

With Comaea’s Information Technology solution comes best practice methodology for industries and a comprehensive competency framework of over 800 competencies. Our IT Competency Assessment also includes Agile Assessments. We incorporate various competency frameworks from WSQ, PMI, NICF and create unique frameworks for different industries keeping in might current skills and future skills. Our solution allows for quick identification of gaps and development needs, which is critical in a fast moving, highly competitive environment. The Comaea Information Technology Solution also provides you with customisable dashboards which show the key indicators for your resources, such as underutilised competencies, planned training and much more.


The Comaea solution for construction is specifically tailored to help construction, engineering and infrastructure-based companies ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed, a critical element towards the support of future corporate strategies. Our solution also provides fully customisable dashboards where key indicators are presented to help you manage the real-time qualifications of your workforce in terms of safety certifications, training and regulated compliance of your team, both local and remote.

Human Resources

The key to success for any organization ultimately lies at the hands of Human Resources and the effective, efficicient management of human talent. Comaea HR Solutions turn to the application of technology and software products for streamlined workforce development. Our wide range of standalone apps, or industry-specific packages target a simplified implementation of your Human Resource requirements against a proven international standard. From mapping competencies, through the identification of individual development plans and learning solutions, rest assured that a Comaea App is available to meet the specific need of your organization, all held against approved HR practices worldwide.

Project Management

As the global economy continues to recover, project management compliance requirements are soaring to new heights with a dramatic increase in construction, infrastructure and civil initiatives. Using frameworks aligned to PMI and APM standards, Comaea provides technoloogy-based solutions to sustain the competencies crucial to project delivery. By mapping project managerment competencies to the appropriate project risk, individual project managers can assess themselves against industry standards while senior managers can collect valuable skills and experience that help in the effective utilization and deployment of project managers throughout the wider organization.

Comaea Academy

Learn more. Be better. Gain the knowledge you need to truly excel in all things ‘Competency’. From webinars to whitepapers, the Comaea Academy boasts a library of information, events, tools and tips you may need to move your competency mangement iniatives forward. With engagements regularly hosted both internationally as well as via our regional offices, visit the Comaea Academy to learn more, or to simply network with others in the industry.


We try relentlessy to make Comaea easy and rewarding to work with. In the true spirit of partnership, we are proud to have many long-standing customers and friends. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our happy clients.

Comaea & Friends

The team is lead by Comaea’s founder and CEO Per Palmér, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for People Management and Human Capital Development. Per was a pioneer in the field of Competency Management, developing the 1st Generation and worlds first text based competency management solution (CMS) in 1986, the 2nd Generation Windows CMS in 1991, the 3rd Generation Client/Server CMS in 1996, the 4th Generation CMS as an early Application Service Provider in 2001 and now with Comaea, the 5th Generation trueSaaS/Cloud CMS Solution since 2008.


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