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More UK Government Departments choose Comaea to manage digital skills

Department of International Trade (DIT), Ministry of Justice (MoJ) , Department for Education (DfE), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) join the growing number of UK Government departments and professions who have chosen comaea competency management software to manage digital skills for their colleagues.

Smaller departments can benefit from the wider cross-government engagement, meaning the low cost and quick set-up enables departments with fewer staff to benefit from this world-class competency management tool.

Since comaea can be stand-alone or fully integrated, it offers options for smaller departments to self-manage their comaea instance and capture, track and manage their digitals skills in a professional way. By cloning the existing DDaT (Digital, Data and Technology) framework, set-up time can be a matter of days and paid for by the Government Procurement card if required, with departments then able to customise and tailor the skills to suit their own unique needs.

"It's great to see the smaller government departments making use of comaea to manage their digital skills and benefiting from the simple, low-cost and low-risk set up of comaea".

Skills management is important for both career development and for ensuring that departments meet the changing needs of their organisation and wider technology environments they operate in. The DDaT framework coupled with other frameworks such as SFIA (Skills for the Information Age), and Civil Service Behaviours provide departments with a single solution for colleague development and resource and succession planning.

Comaea competency management software is being used widely throughout public and private sector organisations to fill the gap left by LMS and HR systems; providing specialist competency and skills management, whilst having the ability to fully integrate into your existing IT infrastructure if required.

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About Comaea:

Comaea is the bit that your LMS and HR systems don't do very well. It is a specialist competency management software tool that provides employees a clear competency development structure to help them plan their career, and provides organisations a comprehensive data analytics package that enables data-driven decisions.


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