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career pathways made easy

Developing career pathways can seem daunting - comaea makes it easy. 


profession-based pathway


Most career development is in within a profession and moving from junior to senior and even up to head-of the profession.  Comaea makes it simple to plot a pathway through a complete job family and map the progressive development of skills through the chosen profession.  

career moves outside your profession

Want to see career prospects outside the profession?  Comaea makes it easy to compare your skills profile to any other role in the organisation so you can see how well they match.  Great for succession planning and resource mobility. 

highlighting gaps

Comaea makes it easy to see any skills gaps you have between your current skills profile and that of your next career step, and can even recommend learning activities to help you fill them.  Being able to browse future career steps roles, motivates and empowers employees to develop in their career. 

analyse your workforce

Look at who has future skills and how they can be mobilised across the business. Identify succession candidates. Give employees transparency for development and structured development conversations with their manager. 

  • Comprehensive reporting of people, roles and organisations

  • Detailed gap analysis for current and future roles

  • Customisable career progression steps

  • 3 year and 5 year planning with multiple career steps

  • Transparent development options

  • Can be fully integrated with LMS to provide individual development plans

  • Scalable for one job family or across the enterprise

skills for roles

Simply define "what good looks like" for each role in the career pathway - we call it the Job Level Requirements (JLR).  Comaea shows green if you meet the level, and red if you don't - grey if you haven't scored that skill yet.  
  • Define what good looks like for each career level

  • Build career pathways and test them

  • Map a whole job family at once to see skill progression

  • Get a clear indication of any skills gaps  

  • Customisable assessment process: self, manager, cross-assessors, head of profession, accreditor 

  • Test the assessment process and career pathways with pilot groups

built secure and scalable

Balfour Beatty are investing in their people to ensure their experts have the skills they need to succeed.

—  Alan Horden, Build to Last

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