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comaea version 11

competency made even easier!

What's new in C11? 
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A new modern interface

A brand new user interface designed with adoption and engagement in mind.

Artboard 1.png
New Features
  • Guide-free implementation
  • Simple, clear, engaging screens
  • Fully accessible to WCAG 2.1(AA)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Interactive assessment and analysis

  • Focussed assessment, analysis and action.

  • Employee dashboard 

  • Job readiness score

  • Interactive Career Pathway

  • Share your portfolio

New analytics

Enhanced analytics for individuals, managers and reporters giving time and data-driven statistics in a dynamic dashboard. 
C11 with manager screen.png
New Features
  • Enhanced simple and advanced data analytics

  • On-screen interactive reports, and data export

  • Data-driven insights


  • Graphical interface using D3 charts

  • Strengths and weakness reports

  • Trend analysis over time

  • Scheduled Management Information reporting

  • Customisable widgets

New technology

Comaea C11 is built on new technology to enable future growth and stability. 

C11 with summary screen.png
New Features
  • Secure technology and infrastructure

  • Can be fully integrated to existing HR and LMS infrastructure or used standalone

  • Future-proof and ready for any device

  • Performance managed infrastructure

  • Geographical Data Storage

built secure and scalable

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