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HS2 choose comaea to grow skills

High Speed 2 (HS2) is the organisation behind building a high-speed rail network to better connect people across Britain.

One of the largest ever infrastructure projects requires people of all skills and experience, and HS2 are working with comaea, a leader in competency and skills management, to understand and develop their skills and capability inventory.

Starting in the project management delivery profession, HS2 have aligned their technical skills to the industry standard for chartership; the Association of Project Management (APM) Competence Framework v3. Initially this had been available to HS2 project professionals through a customised spreadsheet and this was distributed and shared to around 150 individuals and managers to complete. This process was initially adequate for small numbers, but the desire to aggregate and consolidate the data to give meaningful insights proved complicated and unsustainable for larger numbers in the profession, and the expected growth of the workforce.

Comaea was chosen, as the leader in competency management, to provide a secure cloud-based solution that was easy to use and provided comprehensive reporting and analytics to encourage mobility and agility to the HS2 workforce. It was important not to lose any data already captured, so comaea were able to import all the existing assessments and 'bring the data to life' in dashboards and reports, both for the individual, the directorates, and the whole organisation.

Comaea will be rolled out over 700 project professionals initially, and as the high-speed rail network programme gathers pace over the next few years, the HS2 project delivery profession will be able to recruit, develop and retain their staff using a structured and moderated skills management approach which provides assurance to stakeholders and opportunities for individuals.

If you want to find out more about how comaea can help your organisation create a skills-led development programme, then contact us and ask for a free online demonstration.

About Comaea:

Comaea is the bit that your LMS and HR systems don't do very well. It is a specialist competency management software tool that provides employees a clear competency development structure to help them plan their career, and provides organisations a comprehensive data analytics package that enables data-driven decisions. Our consultants have worked with structured competency profiling for over 30 years in a wide range of industries globally, and are able to advise, guide and support your skills-led journey.


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