Solutions for Industry Sectors and Professions

Tailored competency solutions to your needs.

Our industry and profession solutions are based on the specific needs and requirements of selected industries and professionals including Project Management, Construction Management,  Information Technology, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Education, Health & Elderly Care.


Over the years these have been developed and refined in close cooperation with leading industry experts, offering best practice solutions to address specific needs, processes and requirements for each industry.  These market-leading solutions give you a head start with access to comprehensive competency & job frameworks, well-proven methodology, Comaea Competency Management Software and much more.


Below is a summary of our industry solutions for just some of the sectors we work in. Ask us for our Specific Industry Solution Fact Sheets for more detailed information.

Comaea helps infrastructure and construction organisations to measure, track and develop their project delivery capability.  From Project management, commercial management, estimating, procurement, finance and planning, comaea has the expertise and experience to benchmark and measure all roles that are required to successfully deliver your projects. We identify experts and mobilise your workforce and ensure your resources are effectively utilised on projects.

Infrastructure & Construction

Power & Energy

We have over ten years experience developing Competency Management Solutions for the Power & Energy sector, including a comprehensive competency and job framework with nearly 1,000 competencies and more than 100 jobs.  Our solutions have helped Power & Energy companies in many ways, such as giving them an immediate, accurate view of competencies and gaps, being able to keep track of certifications and compliance, carrying out organisation wide searches for competencies, ensuring no competencies are lost during CMS updates and much more.

The Comaea solution for the Oil & Gas industry is tailored to help Oil & Gas companies ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed, so that any future competencies can support future corporate strategies. Our solution also provides fully customisable dashboards where key indicators are presented to help you keep track of certifications and compliance by mapping competencies to remote sites shown on Google Maps.

Oil & Gas

Banking & Finance

Comaea competency management solution is tailored for the future ready banking workforce. We have worked with different areas in the banks from their IT department to Commercial and Retail banking. Our solution helps financial institutions realise the capabilities within their organisation and enable change to take place quickly and easily with minimal disruption. Comaea’s People Analytics application gives management the confidence to make the right decisions about their workforce while maintaining compliance.


We have many years experience in Competence Provision for Municipalities and Elderly Care. This is now packaged into our Elderly Care Solution which gives you a powerful tool to run inventories and develop your competencies. You can also track and search for courses, certifications and licences. Giving you a view of what competencies are needed, which ones aren’t and which ones are critical to help keep you aligned with your future plans.

Health and Elderly Care

Project Management

Using recognised global standards from the Association of Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute (PMI), we have helped organisations transform their project delivery by enabling them to map project manager competence to the appropriate project risk. Individual project managers can assess themselves against industry standards and senior managers can collect valuable skills and experience that helps in the utilisation and deployment of project managers throughout the wider organisation.


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“We choose Comaea because of their extensive experience in building competence models and solutions for the Energy industry. The tool is very easy to use, and its been easy to engage all divisions in our company. The result from our competency analysis have been extremely valuable; and we have improved our processes and routines for recruitment, education, retirements and pensions. Managers experience that staff-appraisals are more structured and are not just based on subjective opinions”


HR Executive Power & Energy

“The competence analysis highlighted competencies that were critical and vital for development of the organization, and we discovered that these hidden competencies were among our employees. Based on this vital insight we were able to be prepared for future changes within the organization.”


HR Manager

“ It’s surprising how the whole process is giving us many new insights. With the help of Comaea’s competency tool we now use the resources in more accurate way, and it saves money for us. The process has given us more than I ever expected! I have now realized that strategic competence work is not an HR solution, but a three-step-solution with the right competence tool, right solutions and the right competence framework.”


HR Director

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