How do you create a top performing HR department?

Comaea can facilitate the analysis how to improve both individuals and HR Departments. You can now show business leaders what they can expect from HR, with the complete HR competency framework.


The Comaea Competency Management Solution is a cloud based, simple, scalable and secure world leading system. The industry solutions are standardized and customized with a possibility to integrate with ERP/HR systems like SAP and Oracle. Implementations are done by network of consultants specialized in Competency and Human Capital Management.

Internationally recognized framework

With our App Competency Designer, you can easily develop the HR competency framework with our base, and add and subtract competencies to fit your unique organisation. Our framework is inspired by the founder of modern Human Resources, Dave Ulrich research, and will ensure a future oriented approach to form the next generation of Human Resources. If you already have a competency framework, that can also easily be inserted to the system to give a holistic view of all competencies needed. The competencies range from HR strategy to work force planning, salary structure and many more with detailed indicators to easily understand what competencies are expected on different proficiency levels. To redesign your HR department and create new job descriptions and job level requirements have never been easier.

Competence development for a highly motivated and competent team!

We know that motivation is over 50% feeling competent and important. To engage you employees is key to create a high performing culture. With our Apps, you can support the entire process from assessing competencies to planning strategic competence development. Where a development need is identified the learning, solutions can come from a dynamic learning catalogue, containing a variety of sources. Comaea can import directly from supplier’s catalogues ad formal and informal activities can be accommodated: i.e. on the job training, classroom, eLearning, virtual learning, mentoring, coaching, seminars, etc. A personal development plan can be created, to include cascading organisational goal. Comaea can help you create a highly motivated and high performing culture.

We offer full range of Global Industry Solutions




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