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We help customers in all kind of areas and industries. Click on the field most suitable to your work and we’ll tell you how Comaea can help you to succeed with your competency management projects.


Today it is great to be in HR!

HR has evolved over the years and become more and more central in the organisations as a strategic partner. Companies realise that HR can add value and deliver to ensure goals are met. In order to get there, HR need to improve how HR work will make an impact in the organisation, and what competencies are needed. Comaea has long experience in working with competency framework, and have created a Human Resources framework inspired by the founder of modern HR, Dave Ulrich research. Regardless if you are a small or a large HR department our competencies can easily be used to organise, develop, assess and analyse individuals as well as the department.

Human Resources


Information Technology & IT

Would you like to ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed?

With Comaea’s Information Technology & Telecom solution comes best practice methodology for industries and a comprehensive competency framework of over 800 competencies. Our solution allows you to quickly identify gaps and development needs, which is critical in a fast moving, highly competitive environment. The Comaea Information Technology & Telecom Solution also provides you with customisable dashboards which show the key indicators for your resources, such as under-utilised competencies, planned training and much more.


Project Management

Using recognised global standards from the Association of Project Management (APM) and Project Management Institute (PMI), we have helped organisations transform their project delivery by enabling them to map project manager competency to the appropriate project risk. Individual project managers can assess themselves against industry standards and senior managers can collect valuable skills and experience that helps in the utilisation and deployment of project managers throughout the wider organisation. Tailored CV’s and assignment history also provide a great resource for win business teams and scheduling communities.

Project Management


We offer full range of Global Industry Solutions

About our solutions

Our industry and profession solutions are based on the specific needs and requirements of selected industries and professionals including Project Management, Construction Management,  Information Technology, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Education, Health & Elderly Care.

Over the years these have been developed and refined in close cooperation with leading industry experts, offering best practice solutions to address specific needs, processes

and requirements for each industry.  These market-leading solutions give you a head start with access to comprehensive competency & job frameworks, well-proven methodology, Comaea Competency Management Software and much more.

The picture is showing a summary of our industry solutions for just some of the sectors we work in. Ask us for our Specific Industry Solution Fact Sheets for more detailed information.





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