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Praxis Competency Framework now in comaea

Praxis, the free framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios, brings together a body of knowledge, methodology, competence framework and capability maturity model in a single integrated framework with a single structure and terminology.

The Praxis competence framework is structured in three groups:

  1. Delivery Competencies

  2. Process Competencies

  3. Interpersonal Competencies

There are 25 delivery competencies, 12 process competencies and 7 interpersonal competencies and they cover projects, programmes and portfolios.

The complete praxis framework, is now available in comaea and can be tailored to suit your organisations needs. This may include tailoring of roles and job level requirements, or by adapting the competencies to suit your ways of working.

The praxis competency framework in comaea will link to certifications and training available so that competency gaps can be easily addressed and closed.

The Praxis competency framework joins the library of over 5000 competencies available for comaea customers to enable rapid deployment of skills assessment and analytics. Comaea is used widely across public and private sector organisations as a specialist competency management solution - the bit that LMS and HR systems don't do well.

If you would like to know more about how comaea can help your organisation, please contact

About Comaea:

Comaea is the bit that your LMS and HR systems don't do very well. It is a specialist competency management software tool that provides employees a clear competency development structure to help them plan their career, and provides organisations a comprehensive data analytics package that enables data-driven decisions.


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