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House of PMO choose comaea to engage individual and corporate members

Following the recent launch of their PMO Competency framework, the House of PMO have chosen

to partner with comaea to enable their members to self-assess themselves against a variety of PMO

roles across the four contexts of project, programme, portfolio and centre of excellence.

The PMO competency framework has been preloaded into comaea and members can use the tool to

baseline their current knowledge and experience; to identify skill gaps and development needs and to

benchmark themselves against a professional PMO standard.

Comaea has the ability to accommodate all types of frameworks and as an off-the-shelf solution it

enabled the House of PMO to quickly bring the online competency framework to market and deliver

immediate benefits to their members.

It is hoped that corporate members will gain an insight into the power of comaea for workforce

competency, capability and compliance management and will seek to use comaea in a wider sense across other job families.


For more information on how comaea can help, please contact Tony at

For more information on PMO, please visit

About Comaea:

Comaea is the bit that your LMS and HR systems don't do very well. It is a specialist competency management software tool that provides employees a clear competency development structure to help them plan their career, and provides organisations a comprehensive data analytics package that enables data-driven decisions.


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