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add, edit, maintain: the easy way

So you already have a skills framework on a spreadsheet, or in another tool and you are not getting the analytics or the right user experience from it.  Comaea will make your existing frameworks come alive.


add unlimited skills and frameworks


Add as many frameworks as you want into comaea using a simple tree structure to organise and manage them. Use generic or customised scoring for each one, and add technical and soft skills.

map unlimited job roles

Create career pathways and job roles and use skills and competencies from any frameworks. Group skills together to create charts and analytics on mandatory or important skills. Use comaea across an enterprise to allow workforce agility and transparency. 

great user experience

Comaea has a great user interface that is simple to use and has all the information on one page. Push learning content at the point of need to fill skills gaps and add structure to development conversations. 

comprehensive analytics

Report on your skills and capabilities like never before. Comprehensive online and offline analytics allow informed decisions to be made on current and future skills.  Drill down to organisations, teams and individuals and find the experts and mentors to share and build your human capital, and keep in in the business. 

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Build a dynamic library of skills for some or all of your organisation and define “what good looks like” for each role in your organisation.

  • Create unlimited new skills in a simple structure
  • Set job level requirements for entire job families simultaneously.
  • Define unlimited job profiles and map skills to them
  • Model future job profile requirements

  • Control access to the skills library and roles through comprehensive role based access control

  • Build career pathways and career levels

  • Use competency grouping to focus reporting


Improve engagement and skills assessment with a simple interface. Include self-assessment, cross-assessment and manager approval processes.
  • Simple to use interface

  • All the information one on page

  • Push learning activities at the point-of-need

  • Simplify manager approvals

  • Self, 180 and 360 assessment options

  • Capture historic and trend data using Time Travel


As soon as you have completed building your skills framework, you are ready to deploy. 

Whether you want to roll-out en masse or through a schedule of engagement, comaea is ready to scale with you. 

  • Immediately ready to deploy locally or globally

  • Can be fully integrated to existing HR and LMS infrastructure or used standalone to support roll-out

  • Structured skills taxonomy provides meaningful, repeatable and trusted data

  • Share data with HR systems and other proprietary tools such as project management and resource management

built secure and scalable

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