Sustaining workforce competence in Oil & Gas

The Comaea Competency Management Solution is a cloud based, simple, scalable and secure world leading system. The industry solutions are standardized and customized with a possibility to integrate with ERP/HR systems like SAP and Oracle. Additionally, implementations are executed by a network of consultants specialized specifically in Competency and Human Capital Management.


For us, regional presence is an important differentiator, especially within the Oil & Gas industry. Comaea promotes a local presence with global knowledge, and our solutions are based on a deep understanding of the key necessities with a specific region.

The Comaea solution for the Oil and Gas industry is specifically tailored to help each individual Oil & Gas company ensure the right competencies are always maintained and developed so that any future workforce development initiatives can support evolving corporate strategies.

Compliant to international standards

The Oil & Gas industry’s drive towards international performance standards, nationalization of personnel, aging workforce demographics, and shrinking workforce has initiated a major shift in how to train and develop the industry’s workforce.

By implementing Comaea Competency Management Systems, organizations can more closely manage the competence of individuals from the time they are hired as entry-level employees, throughout their professional development until retirement. Comaea integrates job competency requirements with learning and development resources to ensure training budgets are spent in an efficient manner.

Comaea CMS is unique

Comaea is uniquely positioned as the partner of choice in the development of Oil & Gas workforce competence, performance management and strategic workforce planning. This position is enabled through:

Dashboard reporting

Dashboard reporting is built on widgets and is fully customizable. For Oil & Gas industries, Comaea also provides dashboard widgets and specialized reports to track expired and expiring certifications, enabling organizations to plan re-certifications and ensure only correctly certified resources are allocated to activities.

Dashboards are used for:

  • Presenting information and data to users

  • Accessing reports for additional detail

  • Quick navigation to other pages or data

Employee life cycle


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