Learning Catalogue

A competent workforce is key to success!

Comaea learning catalogue will provide learning solutions for every competence needed in the organisation. We believe competencies can be achieved in different ways. A learning solution could be on-the-job learning, coaching, formal training or self-studies.


Taking things one step further than an average content management system, the Comaea Learning Catalogue serves as your single source for all relevant learning solutions applicable to your organisation.


From approved formal public training courses or internal development workshops, to presentations, tutorials, e-learning modules, or even standard operating procedures and corporate policies, the Learning Catalogue houses all the possible tools at your organisation’s disposal that may serve towards the strategic development of your work- force.

Furthermore, the dedicated app may be fully integrated with other elements of the total Comaea Competency Management Solution to provide users with seamless access to recommended learning solutions based on the competency gaps identified via the Comaea Competency Assessor.

Learning catalogue can give you

– Suggested solutions for competence gaps filling

– Encourage to further training and development to grow
– Single repository for the organization
– Classification and general management of learning content

– Simple user interface allowing fast addition of individual or bulk learning content

– Advanced filters and search functions promote easy navigation and administration

– Seamless integration with 3rd party databases or content management systems


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