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Having the right people with the right skills is critical to successful delivery.

People are the most important aspect of any project or programme and having the right people with the right skills is critical to successful delivery. The Government Online Skills Tool (GOST) is an online skills platform which allows project delivery professionals to manage their career and capability development. It fully supports the Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF), which is used by over 12,000 project delivery professionals across Government.  Read the UK Government blog

“The Project Profession has a very good framework, the PDCF. We are getting a better view on how many people there are and where there skills gaps within the profession are. ”  Rupert McNeil, UK Government Chief People Officer

Initial Brief

Comaea were approached by the Infrastructure Projects Authority (IPA) to provide a solution to replace an existing tool that was coming to the end of its life. The existing tool captured and tracked over 7000 project professionals and their competency levels in a bespoke competency framework.  

We were tasked with importing over 300,000 lines of data and providing an enhanced user experience and reporting capabilities, and be able to scale to provide access to up to 12,000 project professionals across government. 


Comaea was available through the Government Digital Marketplace, and since the project delivery capability framework (PDCF) had been embedded already with the Government Project Delivery Profession, we were able to quickly put together a proof of concept model that used the PDCF and demonstrated the comaea dashboards, user experience and reporting. 

A key consideration was to ensure that existing data was transferred to comaea so that users did not lose any previously completed assessments. So following the successful pilot, we mapped out a timeline to import all the existing data from the old system, over 300,000 lines of data,  and since comaea is built for integration this was achieved quickly and smoothly. 

“What seemed a massive task at first, to transfer all this existing data across to comaea, turned out to be relatively straight-forward and meant the transition for the profession was pretty smooth. Comaea is designed to seamlessly integrate to an organisations existing IT Infrastructure so our data transfer processes are tried and tested.  ” 

Tony Martin, MD, Comaea UK.

GOST 2.0

The old system was branded as the Government Online Skills Tool (GOST) , so we were able to brand comaea in the same way to ensure the brand continued to be used and was familiar to users.  We affectionately named it GOST 2.0. 

Comaea now enables over 8500 project professionals to carry out their assessment against the 19 technical competencies, and 10 behavioural competencies of the project delivery capability framework.  These self-assessments are then moderated and approved by their line manager (of functional manager).    

“I think the new GOST tool will be a game changer and a key enabler to building a more capable and competent Project Delivery Profession. ” 

Nick Smallwood, Chief Executive, IPA

Comaea presents all the relevant information on one page and once the assessment is done against their current role, users can then overlay any other roles onto their competency profile, so they can see a career development path or perhaps an aspirational role. 


“This is a big step forward and will really help us in building professional skills across government over the next few years. ” 

Fiona Spencer, Director Function, Profession & Standards, IPA

In addition to assessment, comaea also provides a gap-analysis and then links to learning activities, enabling the users to be sign-posted to a range of 70:20:10 development opportunities that are located on either the government learning platform, internet, or from other selected learning providers. 


Following the success of GOST2.0, many other UK Government professions and departments are starting to use comaea for their own competency frameworks, including Data Analysts, Science & Engineering, and Digital specialists.  

“ The Government Project Delivery Profession is proud to be working in partnership with Comaea to enhance our online skills tool by delivering better functionality for users and managers. GOST is a key tool offered to the profession to allow individuals to help build their capability helping support better delivery of our projects and programmes and will also act as a key enabler for our Project Delivery Academy, Throughout the whole process from development, data transfer, implementation and post go-live Comaea have been extremely supportive and accommodating” 


Mark Sutherland, IPA Skills Data Manager

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