Grow your people. Grow your business.

The comaea competency management system

creates an environment for your employees

and business to grow. 

By embarking on a competency-led development journey, you will achieve great things:

Engaged employees keen to develop their careers

Validation of knowledge and skill sets available to the business

Reassurance that the right people are in the right job

More structured and consistent development conversations

Precise targeting of learning and development

Higher employee retention

A clear understanding of knowledge, skills and experience to recruit or develop

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a HRS / LMS  that manages my career development.

Comaea does one thing really well - competency management.  Many enterprise HRS and LMS systems will say they do it, but often it is difficult to use and maintain. HR systems are good at the HR stuff, and comaea can seamlessly integrate with your HR system to ensure employee data and organisation data is sync'd up each night. We can also seamlessly integrate with your LMS to better utilise your content and present it at the point of need.

I already have competency frameworks and role profiles and just need a tool to carry out assessments

You have come to the right place! You can put any competency frameworks in comaea and any role profiles and easily map the job level requirements.. Comaea will provide your employees with a consistent and structured assessment and validation process and a huge amount of workforce analytics. You can create unlimited competency and job family libraries and easily manage them.

Will comaea carry out a gap analysis to show me where to focus my development?

Of course we do!  This is a key element of assessment. Job Level requirement are set up when you create your competency library and role profiles, and the assessment are carried out against your current role. You will get a simple view of where your gaps are, which you can use to focus your development activities. Comaea will even point you directly to the activities what are need to close your competency gaps. A comprehensive personal portfolio will show your your complete competency record. 

How will comaea help with my career?

We are glad you asked!  Once you have completed your assessment against your current role, you can simply overlay other role profiles on your competency record to see how you align.  In fact, add multiple career steps and aspirational roles to get an clearer idea of where you want to go in 1, 3, or 5 years time.  Use this insight to have a better development conversation with your manager.

What sort of analytics will comaea give me?

Well, people analytics is where comaea will blow you away. From the customisable dashboards for each manager to a comprehensive analysis by role, organisation, team, individual or whole job family, comaea provides an ever-growing range of graphical and exportable reports.  We can even push out the data to your company data lake so you can use your corporate analysis tools.  The data insights will enable you to make informed choices about the direction and speed of growth of your business. 

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