Development Planner

Development plans as a strategic tool

We mentioned earlier that competence is the centric point in an organisation, and without the right competencies an organisation cannot deliver expected results.The Comaea Development Planner is an integral tool in tying together identified competency gaps to inevitable competency achievement. We all know that IDP plans too often will be forgotten and not followed when the day to day work continues. In order to address this, the development planner will be accessed by both the individual and the manager, and gap-closures easily followed.

Comaea Development planner is easy to use and promotes regular communication and feedback. Through learning solutions identified via the Comaea Learning Catalogue, recommended learning and development activities are made available to each individual at the completion of their assessment process. From there, employees are able to take control of their own development progress through the creation of personal individual development plans.

Comaea Development planner will help you to

– Align competencies to the organisations strategy
– Appraise your employees through continuous assessment and feedback
– Set goals based on capabilities and job requirements
– Create development plans and competency targets
– Assign learning solutions to competencies requiring further development

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