People Analytics

It’s all about making informed decisions and understanding capabilities.

At Comaea we believe that competency is the heart of the organisation. If you think about your workforce in terms of competencies instead of resources, you will have a much wider perspective of present capabilities and future needs. Comaea Competency designer is the application that can help create and define what competencies will be needed to achieve specific goals in the future.


Fancy words like competency framework, will be developed though easy steps and shared with divisions, managers or management team to define the blueprint for excellent performance of the organisation.


Regardless if you are a competency professional or a beginner, the tool is easy to use. The pre-defined competency frameworks can be an easy start to build the organisations competency needs and unique competencies can be developed. The goal is a high performing organisation.

We make it easy to

– Create a scalable and robust competency framework

– Define indicators to easily assess competence levels
– Define job level requirements
– Lead and develop individuals and teams

– Identify competence gaps

– Create job descriptions

– Multi-tiers competency definitions

– Export frameworks to excel


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