Become a Competency Guru in 45 minutes
Friday 27 October | 3pm - 5pm

Event Information

Date: Friday 27 October | 3pm - 5pm
Location: Tower Club Singapore, 9 Raffles Place, Penthouse (62nd Floor) Republic Plaza Tower 1
Area: Singapore
Speaker: Per Palmér, CEO of Comaea, one of the leading figures in this field with over 30 years of experience from working with strategic HR in Europe and Asia.

In today’s digital era having the right competencies to stay competitive and relevant is vital. Embracing a competency based approach to Human Capital Management and Performance Management, helps align business strategy and objectives with workforce competencies and provides a much wider perspective on present capabilities and future needs.


Get a quick, easy, secure and fun start working with industry leading competency standards and expertise. We have extensive libraries of competency and job frameworks including Singapore national standards such as WSQ and NICF.


The seminar will cover the following key areas

  • Aligning your Workforce to your Overall Strategy and Goals

  • Creating a High Performing and Future-ready Workforce

  • Finding and Optimizing your Competencies in 5 Easy Steps

  • Method for Assessing your Competencies in less than 2 weeks

  • ROI of a Competency-Based Performance Management Strategy

  • Tips and Checklist for how to Create Agile and Robust Competency Frameworks


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