Competency Assessor

What is one of the most important deliverables of HRM in any organization?

The Comaea Competency Assessor provides a clear and structured overview of an organisation’s competency status through a variety of assessment methods. Whether it be through simple self-assessments, or more formal evaluation methods such as peer reviews, management assessments or comprehensive 360-degree processes, Comaea delivers critical learner competency gaps through a simple, easy to understand interface.


When you have defined your competency framework, in other words the competencies you need and the job roles they are connected to and the proficiency levels. Comaea allows you to easily assess the skills and the deficit is called the competency gap. The process of discovering that gap – and then taking the necessary measures to overcome it – is one of the most important deliverables of HRM in any organisation.


With Comaea Competency Assessor, you can conduct a full inventory and analysis of your entire business, giving you a clear and structured view of the organisations overall competence.

What Comaea can help you with

– Assess the capabilities in your organisation
– Conduct self assessments against structured competencies and job requirements
– Create an understanding of the organisations current competence gaps
– Conduct peer reviews or cross assessments of employee self assessments
– Identify opportunities for training and development based on competency gaps
– Generate dashboard overviews or detailed reports on employee, team or organisation
– Analyse data for Talent Management and succession planning

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