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build your skills frameworks

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create, collaborate, deploy

Creating a skills framework can be a daunting task, and comaea makes it easy. 


A structured approach


Following a structured approach means you can easily define skill titles, descriptions and scoring levels to ensure that you have a consistent approach to skills capture.   Creating a skills taxonomy like this means that you can easily report on the capability of your individuals, their teams and the whole workforce.  

Mapping job roles

Comaea's simple build process also allows you create job roles and then select which skills are needed for the role, and at what level. You can easily build job families and career pathways.


Skills frameworks generally require a lot of input from SME's and the wider business, so comaea makes it easy to share your ideas and let your stakeholders see how it looks and feels as you progress.   This speeds up development time and also accelerates deployment as once built, it can be rolled out en masse immediately.  

apps diagram


Build a dynamic library of skills for some or all of your organisation and define “what good looks like” for each role in your organisation.

  • Use predefined industry standard skills frameworks or customise them to your specific needs
  • Create unlimited new skills
  • Set job level requirements for entire job families simultaneously.
  • Define unlimited job profiles and map skills to them
  • Model future job profile requirements

  • Control access to the skills library and roles through comprehensive role based access control


Share your ideas with your SME's and stakeholders.  Evolve your skills definitions and scoring criteria, and see how job roles and career paths fit together. 
  • Easily share skills and job roles with SME's and stakeholders

  • Build career pathways and test them

  • Group skills together to improve user experience

  • Evolve skill descriptions and scoring criteria 

  • Prototype job roles and skills mapping before deployment 

  • Test the assessment process and data capture with pilot groups


As soon as you have completed building your skills framework, you are ready to deploy. 

Whether you want to roll-out en masse or through a schedule of engagement, comaea is ready to scale with you. 

  • Immediately ready to deploy locally or globally

  • Can be fully integrated to existing HR and LMS infrastructure or used standalone to support roll-out

  • Structured skills taxonomy provides meaningful, repeatable and trusted data

  • Share data with HR systems and other proprietary tools such as project management and resource management

built secure and scalable

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