Equipment Compliance Tool

Keeping track of assets and equipment made easy – Equipment Compliance Tool (ECT) and Equipment Inspection Tool (EIT) makes it dead simple

Stepping away from competency management, Comaea now offers tailored solutions geared specifically towards equipment and asset focused industries. As popular apps frequently requested by organizations within the Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Construction, as well as even Healthcare industries, the Comaea Equipment Compliance Tool (ECT) and the Comaea Equipment Inspection Tool (EIT) provide real-time data tracking and reporting on equipment validity.


Equipment Compliance Tool


The Comaea Equipment Compliance Tool (ECT) manages an organisation’s global equipment portfolio for ongoing compliance against both internal requirements, as well as industry regulated standards.

Through a user-friendly equipment register, full inventories can be managed to various levels of details based on operational need.


Equipment Inspection Tool


Currently in final stages of development, the new Comaea Equipment Inspection Tool (EIT) truly takes full advantage of Comaea’s portability across common handheld devices.

Using Radio-Frequency Identi cation (RFID) Technology, the EIT will allow immediate access to detailed equipment inspection and certification requirements upon simple scan of an asset tag.

Enhancing inspection care and validity, EIT will not only prolong the lifespan of critical organisational assets, but will also improve the safety and efficiency of workforce members assigned to inspection activities.

We make it easy to

– Generate comprehensive reports outlining specific details of equipment status

– Immediate dashboard widgets to provide visual snapshots of realtime industry compliance
– Fully integrable with common ERP systems

– Ability to streamline the ECT with existing asset management platforms

– Improve the safety and efficiency of the workforce

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