Are you on the BUS?
April 2018

Trained Workforce or Competent Workforce | How to develop a competent workforce to meet your talent needs


When leaders and managers are asked the question ‘ who wants a competent workforce’ they all say YES! Not surprising, as no-one wants an incompetent workforce – and unless you say yes, then you are really saying you do not care. But the real question is how to deliver on that desire? The BUS means that you put in place a solution that is:


B -Beneficial, there is business value and personal relevance

U – Usable, what you have put in place can actually be done, and

S – Sustainable, it works next year and in subsequent years because of the ‘ever-greening’ processes

All very simple – so why do so many competency implementations fail?



This short book looks at the BUS concept. We all know what a bus (the vehicle) is, and it makes a great analogy. ‘Are you on the BUS?’ is based on the author’s extensive experience in developing competency systems, facilitating workshops and Masterclasses, and working with companies worldwide to implement competency successfully – or identify where and how the existing system has gone wrong!


Readers will also be invited to join a series in interactive webinars, hosted by the Comaea Academy. This is the first volume in a series of books that provide guidance on the discussion points and practical application of the 4 Pillars of Competency.


Author: Ken Delve has 30+ years of experience in competency management, starting in the Royal Air Force, and later in industry as VP of Competency Management at PetroSkills, Principal Competency Consultant at UETMT, and Principal Consultant with Dascam Consulting. He is the founder and facilitator of the Linked-in Competency Management Working Group (CMWG), and Principal of the Comaea Academy.


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