Our Competency Management Software is built in a modular style, allowing functionality to be added when required.

This gets you up and running quickly (within hours), and new apps can be added as your needs develop.


 To start with you get:  Competency Designer, Competency Assessor and Development Planner, & People Analytics.

These provide the basics for capturing and reporting on the knowledge, experience and skills of your workforce.

Additional apps can be added such as the Certification Tracker where compliance is essential for example.


Explore our apps below and arrange a free demonstration so we can show you how they can be put together as an industry or profession-based solution.

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Competency Designer

Good Competency Management starts with good design.  The Comaea Competency Designer allows you to design your organisation’s entire competency framework in a quick, efficient and truly dynamic way.


The competency framework then serves as the foundation of competency management strategies, from workforce assessment, to training recommendations, learner development planning, and powerful dashboard reporting.

Competency Assessor

The Comaea Competency Assessor provides a clear and structured overview of an organisation’s competency status through a variety of assessment methods.


Whether it be through simple self-assessments, or more formal evaluation methods such as peer reviews, management assessments or comprehensive 360-degree processes, Comaea delivers critical learner competency gaps through a simple, easy to understand interface.

Development Planner

We mentioned earlier that competence is the centric point in an organisation, and without the right competencies an organisation cannot deliver expected results.The Comaea Development Planner is an integral tool in tying together identified competency gaps to inevitable competency achievement.


We all know that IDP plans too often will be forgotten and not followed when the day to day work continues. In order to address this, the development planner will be accessed by both the individual and the manager, and gap-closures easily followed.

People Analytics

At Comaea we believe that competency is the heart of the organisation. If you think about your workforce in terms of competencies instead of resources, you will have a much wider perspective of present capabilities and future needs.


Comaea Competency designer is the application that can help create and define what competencies will be needed to achieve specific goals in the future.

Learning Catalogue

Comaea learning catalogue will provide learning solutions for every competence needed in the organisation. We believe competencies can be achieved in different ways. A learning solution could be on-the-job learning, coaching, formal training or self-studies.

Taking things one step further than an average content management system, the Comaea Learning Catalogue serves as your single source for all relevant learning solutions applicable to your organisation.

Resource Tracker

The Comaea Resource Tracker is easy to use and enables you to follow resource tracking best practices that help realise ROI. Analyse your resources competencies and capacity to understand how well you are using your resources.

People Analytics and understanding different individual or teams growth pattern can be useful data when you want to calculate your ROI for hiring or improve employee and customer experience.

Performance Manager

Performance manager will support the cascading goals derived from the strategic plan down to individual. That means that individual goals a directly linked to the overall strategic goals. Managers can easily set objectives and continuously follow up and assess accordingly. Individuals can review and follow the objectives to know what is expected of them. What gets measured gets done.

Certification Tracker

The Comaea Certification Tracker allows you to track and manage the courses, licenses and certificates within your organization to make sure the competence levels are up to industry standards.

Our tool gives you an instant overview of your employees, enabling you to find those holding certificates that have either already expired or are about to expire in the next 30, 60 or 180 days. Certification Tracker automatically notifies managers in advance when renewal is necessary.

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