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are alarm bells ringing

over compliance and
       certification management?

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silence them with comaea

Easily get clear visibility of certification, validation and re-certification pathways with comaea. Bring calm and silence to those alarm bells.


route to certification


Certifications will follow a pathway to become compliant, and comaea call that the route to certification:

  1. Starting with pre-requisite training which can be automatically assigned.

  2. Then comes assessment, which can be a form of observation or online evaluation. 

  3. Verification might be required before final sign-off - this could be a job to be completed for example. 

  4. This leads to certification and compliance. 

  5. After a period, their is a reconfirmation which may follow further refresher training or further evaluation or sign-off. 

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audit trail

comaea collects an audit trail of activity which can be held for many years, ensuring that compliance is tracked, managed and auditable. 

visibility of compliance

The key to staying compliant is having clear visibility of certification status across individuals, teams and the organisation, and being able to see 3, 6, 9 and 12 months in advance of when recertifications are due allows you to make decisions on resourcing and training.  

Comaea has a certification tracker and heatmap that gives clear indication of compliance and non-compliance. 

track compliance

Ensure compliance at all times with a comprehensive, yet simple to use certification tracker. Proactively manage individuals and teams and plan recertification and validation through assured processes.

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  • Individual, team and organisational certification status is immediately available

  • Track and manage valid, expiring and expired certifications quickly and easily

  • Centralise storage of certificates and documents for easy access

  • Forward plan re-certifications to ensure continuity of resources and assets

  • Maximise your training budget by grouping expired and expiring recertification activities

  • Reduce non-compliance issues by effective tracking of expiring certifications

certifications for roles

Simply define what certifications and authorisations are required for each role and then track compliance for individuals and teams.
  • Define each role requirement

  • Build certification profiles

  • Assign mandatory learning

  • Define the route to validation

  • Automatically manage re-certifications 

  • Keep an audit trail of certifications and compliance

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built secure and scalable

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