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a competency management solution

that your staff will love

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and your managers will adore

live, laugh, love Comaea!

Becoming a skills-led organisation can be a daunting task; comaea makes it easy. 


Seeing the human in human capital

It's easy to get lost with numbers and figures in the world of skills management and HR. That's why comaea offers a competency management system that feels human. Skills frameworks help emphasise individuality of all your employees, which is why your staff and managers will love it. We are all different, and that's what makes us special. 

Always encouraging growth

Help your employees reach their best potential while making sure noone is ever left idle, with our competency framework you can mobilise your employees across the organisation and assign skilled employees to tasks and projects. Comaea will help you put the right people on the right jobs at the right time.

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Mobilise your employees across the organisation and assign competent employees to tasks and projects. Manage your resources to ensure they are not idle and reserve key employees for key assignments.

  • Put the right people on the right jobs, at the right time

  • Understand the capacity of your resources

  • Plan for change and optimise workload assignments and assign people to projects

  • Track resources in real-time

  • Find available resources by competency, job compliance, availability and job family

  • High level overview of projects expiring | 3, 6 and 12 months


Create plans, goals and actions to fill competency gaps and evaluate and capture feedback from employees, line managers and independent assessors. Engage with employees through dialogue using a structured and consistent approach.

  • Centralise your annual development plans in one easy to use system
  • Manage simple and complex development activities in a simple interface

  • Document plans, SMART objectives, goals and actions and generate individual and team plans


  • Capture evaluation and feedback throughout the development plan


  • Customise templates and the process to meet your needs


  • Align individual goals to strategic goals to ensure you will deliver your strategy

built secure and scalable

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